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Requirements and Application Procedure
Freelancer Application
Important: Please attach documents confirming your qualifications.
Recruiting Area Application Requirements
(Applicants must satisfy at least 2 conditions in each category)
- Bachelor's degree or higher from a Korean or an overseas university
- 3 or more years of experience in professional interpretation or translation
- Graduates from foreign language studies at a Korean university with 2 years or more relevant work experience
- Near-native proficiency
- In rare cases, applicants that KS judges to have special potential may be accepted without fulfilling two of these conditions.
- 7 or more years of experience working as a professional translator or interpreter in a technical field
- Master's degree or higher in interpretation and translation
- Master's degree or higher from a top overseas school
- Level 2 translator certification or higher, issued by the Korean Society of Translators
- 3 or more years experience teaching adult language courses

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