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Our Clients
Korean Intellectual Property Office English-Korean translations of 1st to 4th International PCT-SAFE; more than 200 thousand words over a period of 5 months.
Hyundai Mobis Long-term interpretation project involving 4 full-time Chinese-Korean interpreters, and Korean-Chinese/Korean-English translations of company promotional materials (May 2008)
Korean Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. Korean-English translation and proofreading of 280-page PPT overseas promotional publications and internal training materials (2007)
Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs proofread Korean-English translation of the book "Korean Roads" (Publication on Transport) for publication in the US (2007)
Ministry of Environment Korean-English website transition.
Exclusive outsourced translation company handling website and document translation for Ministry headquarters and supplementary divisions. (November 2008)
Editing of the Minister of Environment's speeches and conference statements (30 pages) delivered at the International 'Future of Asia' Conference and the G8 Summit of Ministers of Environment proofread and edited(by a Canadian native English speaker) (May 2008)
Gwacheon National Science Museum urgent Korean-English translation projects in the areas of Life Sciences/Information Technology/Energy/Aerospace/Mechanics
Seoul Auction Contract/press material translations. Translation/editing/proofreading of the brochure for the 2007 September International Art Auction Show, and various published materials. Korean-English and Korean-Chinese transitions of catalogues (Modern Art/Classical Art/Foreign Artist Biographies and the Art World)
BookBiz.Net Korean-English translation and proofreading of a 230-page children's fairytale series
Yoo-Kyung Eng Korean-English and Korean-Chinese transitions of specification certificate/slope evaluation/contracts and other diverse operational documents
KAIST Translation and native proofreading of 12 of the Computer Science Department's Ontology Evaluation theses, thesis material, data, contracts, and various other correspondences with foreign partners.
Korea Concrete Institute Korean-English translation of thesis for publication in foreign journals
Ryn Korea
(Masai Walking)
Korean-English, Korean-Japanese translations of company website
F1 Design Posco Fuelcell Website translation. Korean-English transition of a range of special TV programs and broadcasting materials.
Sungwoo High-tech Korean-English translation of Sungwoo High-tech Company Introduction
Elba Korea English-Korean translation of diverse user manuals
Feel Architecture/
Chungwoo E&G
Translation of the third Specification Project
KCC Corporation Translation of introduction to eco-friendly products
PMC Korea Two major Korean-English translation projects (Electronics/Electrical Manuals)
IDG Korea Korean-English/English-Korean translation of internal data/report, PPT/correspondences
Various Financial Institutes English-Korean translation of various contracts and a range of legal documents for NH Investment Securities Co., Ltd./ Shinhung Co., Ltd./ SF Investment/ Korea Investment Co., Ltd./ Samsung Life.
Protec Korean-English, Korean-Chinese translations of a range of manuals (April, May 2008)
Gloworks (formerly Bugs Interactive) Korean-English, English-Korean translations of a range of data and contracts
Zencom Enl. Co. Ltd. Korean-English, English-Korean translations of a range of contracts and documents
Chunghak-Dong Samsungdang Korean-English transition of materials on Korean traditional dishes and food product manufacturing process
Haeundae Grand Hotel Korean-English transition of introductory booklet and receipts for Korean traditional dishes
Various University Publications Korean-English, English-Korean translations of theses/abstracts on a wide range of subject areas for laboratories of Seoul National University, KAIST, Sungkyunkwan University, and Danguk University.

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