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How to Place an order
  Making a request on-line
    Under translation Service on the menu bar at top of the site >> Click "translation Quote request"
    From the Main Page>>Quick translation request
Once you have sent your source-language document, we will e-mail or fax you a quote.
How to Send Your Source-Language Document
  Click Translation Service option>>Fill out "Translation Quote Request"
  KS International E-mail Address: kstransgroup@naver.com
  Fax 02) 6007-1467
After we have confirmed your full or partial payment of the estimated fee indicated on the quote, we will process your translation order.
We organize the translation team that can best accommodate your needs based on the source and target languages, the subject and the level of expertise required, and the given time limit. Our Specialized Translation team offers expert advice on terminology, tone, and formatting to ensure accuracy.
When the translation project is 10-20% completed, the team consults and works together to ensure that both the use of terminology and the style are consistent
After translation is completed, the final translation is scrupulously examined for fluidity, style, tone, terminology use, and errors.
For an additional charge, you may request the services of a professional editor who is a native speaker in the target language for the proofreading of the final translation. You can also request this service separately, without placing a translation order.
The completed translation will be delivered to you via e-mail.
We will send your invoice via express mail upon your request. Please make the request by faxing us your business registration certificate. FAX : 02)6242-2002

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