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Technical Translation
Journal/Book Publication
Expert Translators
We translate documents related to technology, industry, and business management, and format them according to the appropriate standard layouts used in the field. We can also provide assistance in the drafting process and in converting source-language documents into standard layouts.

(To inquire about the service fee, you may either e-mail or call us depending on type of source-language document and the desired target-language document layout.)
Technical writing is writing or revising complex and highly specialized technical content into simpler terms, for a wider, non-technical audience.
Technical writing is a style of writing which clearly and comprehensively communicates highly-specialized knowledge or information for diverse purposes, typically for a non-technical audience.
Since its purpose is to effectively communicate complex information, efficiency and clarity is crucial.
Technology Product Development Proposal, User Manual, Service Manual, Technology Report, Lab Report, Research Report, Other
Business Plan, Status, Investment Proposal, Accounting/Financial Reports, Marketing Data, News Letters, PromotionalSlogans , Other
Miscellaneous Website Content, Presentation Material, Research Thesis, Research Proposal, Resume, Other
Accuracy of Expression : Avoid ambiguous expressions, and write simply and clearly
Objectivity : Present only verified facts and truth
Uniformity : Use uniform terminology and expressions to avoid confusion
Clear Organization : Include an index and table of contents, so that readers can easily find
  needed information
Comprehensiveness and Approachability : Provide useful and extensive information
  clearly, so that a non-technical audience can easily approach the text

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